6" Petite Pantyliner

Ladybug (Flannel)
Owl (Flannel)
Mango (Flannel)
Jade (Flannel)
Alluvium (Flannel)
Wisteria (Flannel)
Daisy (Flannel)
Southwest (Flannel)
Moon (Flannel)
Catopia (Flannel)
Red (Jersey)
Orange (Jersey)
Green (Jersey)
Blue (Jersey)
Purple (Jersey)
Cinnamon (Minky)
Beehive (Minky)
Sky (Minky)
Jungle (Minky)
Snowflake (Minky)
Majesty (Minky)
Blossom (Minky)
Watercolor (Minky)
Leopard (Minky)
Chick (Minky)

Extra small for petite women & teens, these 6" cloth pantyliners are designed to be super thin with just enough absorbency to protect your underwear. They’re great for the lightest days of your period, everyday leaks, or as backup for a menstrual cup.

• Flannel, jersey, or minky print top
• Cotton flannel absorbent core
• Leak-resistant Wind Pro fleece backing
• 6" long & 2.5" wide when snapped
• Handmade in the USA (of imported material)

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