Cloth Pad Size Sampler Set


Want to try cloth pads, but don't know what size you need? This 5-piece sampler set includes the full range of lengths offered by Cozy Folk, from the tiniest pantyliner to the largest overnight pad - so you can decide what fits you best!

One 6" pantyliner
One 8" moderate pad
One 10" moderate pad
One 12" heavy pad
One 14" heavy pad

• Your choice of flannel or minky prints
• Absorbent bamboo fleece & flannel cores
• Leak-resistant Wind Pro fleece backing
• 2.5" wide across the center when snapped
• Handmade in the USA (of imported material)

Sets of 5+ pads include a bulk discount (not eligible for additional discounts). To create your own set, please choose individual pads or pantyliners.