Why Switch?

Wondering why anyone would use a reusable menstrual product?

Whether your concern is for your body, your budget, or the planet, there are tons of reasons to make the switch!


Most disposable pads contain bleached wood pulp, absorbent polymer gels, and sometimes even artificial fragrances. That’s some unpleasant stuff to have pressed up against an incredibly sensitive part of your body - and under it all is a layer of plastic that traps heat and moisture, creating a sweaty breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Plus, there’s the scratchy texture that chafes your skin, the adhesive backing that sticks to everything, and the crinkling sound when you walk.

Unfortunately, tampons aren’t much better. While they do an excellent job of absorbing menstrual flow, they also absorb your body’s natural moisture and dry out the vagina. Friction from inserting or removing a tampon can even cause microscopic cuts on the vaginal walls, allowing harmful bacteria to enter the bloodstream and potentially increasing the risk of irritation or infection.

When you switch to cloth menstrual pads (or a menstrual cup like LENA Cup, DivaCup, or Lunette), you can say goodbye to all that discomfort. Made entirely of soft, breathable fabric, cloth pads feel more like wearing your favorite pair of comfy underwear! And, because you wash them yourself, you know exactly how clean they are. 


A lifetime of buying disposable pads & tampons can add up to thousands of dollars. That's a lot of money to throw in the garbage! While cloth pads definitely cost more up front, they're a great investment because they last years, not hours. Just as it would be a waste of money to constantly buy cheap plastic sporks instead of eating with real silverware, it makes sense to buy high-quality menstrual products that can simply be washed and used again. And, when your period catches you by surprise, you’ll never again have to make an emergency trip to the store!

It's also important to remember that disposable pads & tampons are almost entirely made by large corporations that benefit from the false belief that there aren't any other menstrual protection choices available. As long as customers feel stuck buying the same products month after month, these companies will continue to make billions of dollars. That's why they're more than happy to provide free samples to girls learning about puberty in school - they know that if they establish brand loyalty early in a girl's life, they'll have a repeat customer for decades.

In contrast, most reusable menstrual products are made by small, ethical, woman-owned businesses (like ours!) that view their customers as real people, not profit sources. Unfortunately, without the huge revenue of selling a disposable product over and over, businesses that make reusables often don't have much of a budget available for advertising. That's why you've probably never seen a commercial for reusable menstrual products, and why perhaps you've only just recently learned that they exist. They're actually more popular than you might realize! At Cozy Folk, our goal is quite the opposite of most businesses: we want you to find the products you need, buy them once, and then not need to buy anything else for a very long time.


Each year, billions of disposable pads and tampons (and their plastic packaging) are added to landfills around the world - and there they will remain indefinitely. Many don't even make it that far, and instead, they pollute the oceans or wreak havoc on sewer systems. Just imagine: right now, every menstrual product you've ever thrown away is most likely laying in a pile somewhere along with everyone else's. It's kind of gross to think about, isn't it?

We can just pretend that our trash magically disappears when we toss it in the dumpster. Or, we can take practical steps to reduce the amount of trash we create in the first place! By switching to reusable menstrual products, you can almost completely eliminate your period-related waste - a single cloth pad can replace over 100 disposable pads or tampons. At the same time, you can reduce the resources and energy currently being used for the constant manufacture and transport of one-time-use products. And, since cloth pads take up very little space in your washing machine, they can be washed with other laundry to use no extra water. Switching to reusable products is such a small, simple act, but it can have a huge impact on our environment!

Period positive (and pretty!)

The human body is capable of some pretty amazing things – including menstruation! After switching to cloth menstrual pads, people are often surprised to notice that they’ve developed a stronger appreciation and understanding of their own biological processes. While washing your cloth pads requires little to no extra effort, many people actually enjoy the act of caring for them. It's an opportunity to slow down for a moment and practice a little self-care at a time when that's especially needed.

Cloth menstrual pads are available in an infinite variety of colors, prints, shapes, and sizes, so there's something to fit your unique preferences if "boring, white, one-size-fits-all" isn't exactly your style. Maybe menstruation won’t ever be super fun for most of us, but if a cute pad can brighten those days just a little, perhaps it can help us improve our attitudes about our bodies all month long.

Here's what one woman had to say after trying cloth pads: “They are so comfy and super absorbent, which I was skeptical of. I’m amazed and I feel liberated, there is no secret and no shame – I actually enjoy what my body does every month!”