Buyer's Guide

Interested in trying reusable menstrual pads, but not sure where to begin? This simple guide will help you find the pads that are just right for you!

Since each person's needs are unique, it's always a good idea to try out a couple different pads before investing in a full collection.

Choose your size.

The best way to determine your perfect cloth pad size is to measure the length of one of the disposable pads you currently use. If this pad has provided just the right amount of coverage for you, choose a cloth pad of a similar length. If you've noticed that you would actually prefer a bit more or less coverage, adjust your cloth pad size accordingly. Most people like to have multiple sizes available for different coverage during the day, at night, when their flow is heavy, or when wearing pantyliners.

If you haven't used disposable pads before, here are some guidelines:

Petite adults & teens
6" pantyliners, 8" pads for regular use, 10" pads for heavy/overnight

Medium adults
8" pantyliners, 10" pads for regular use, 12" pads for heavy/overnight

Plus Size adults
10" pantyliners, 12" pads for regular use, 14" pads for heavy/overnight

Postpartum mothers
12" pads or 14" pads

Disposable Pad
Cloth Pad Size Chart

Choose your absorbency.

Choose your top fabric.

Decide how many pads you need.

Most people like to have enough cloth pads so that they can wear each pad just once per cycle, then wash them all in one laundry load at the end of their period. This number will depend on the length and heaviness of your unique cycle, but it's usually between 10 - 20 pads. You can estimate by counting the number of disposable pads/tampons you currently use each period.

If you're planning to wash your pads by hand, or if you do laundry frequently anyway, you don't necessarily need this many pads. Just get enough to last a day or two, then wash & reuse them right away! This is also a great way to get started with cloth pads on a budget, or if you're not sure which sizes will work best for you. If you find that you're running out of clean pads in the middle of your period, you can always add more to your collection later!

If you're still not sure where to begin, check out these starter sets!

Cloth Pad Set